Pendulum Ride for Sale

Pendulum ride, also called frisbee ride, pendulum swing ride, meteor hammer ride, as a kind of stimulus amusement ride, is common in all amusement parks and loved by many customers. The pendulum rides swings back and forth as it moves which looks like a pendulum, so that’s where its name comes from. In terms of its basic appearance, the configuration of pendulum rides includes four huge legs to support the whole ride, an axle to help the cantilever swing, a cantilever and a gondola.

One end of the arm is attached to the axle, while the other end is fitted with a passenger cabin for six people, 16 people and 24 people. We usually call the pendulum ride with a gondola for six guests mini pendulum ride and the rides for 16 and 14 passengers giant pendulum ride. In addition, the amusement rides, such as, pirate ship ride and kamikaze ride are similar to pendulum ride in terms of how they work. All of these thrill rides are very popular in fairgrounds, amusement parks, carnivals, theme parks. Visitors will cheer and scream on these rides which make many of them want more and looking forward to their next pendulum trip. Then more and more guests will bring great economic benefits to your profit amusement parks.

Pendulum Amusement Ride for Sale in Beston
Pendulum Amusement Ride in Beston

Major Parameter:

Model: BPR-026
Size: 12 *10*9m
Capacity: 24 or 30 persons (option)
Power: 30kw
Voltage: 380V
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Hot Sale Pendulum Swing Ride in Beston
Pendulum Swing Ride in Beston

Major Parameter:

Model: BPR-027
Size: 12 *10*9m
Capacity:24 persons
Power: 19Kw
Voltage: 380V
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Physics of A Pendulum Ride

To understand how does the pendulum ride work, we first need to know what the main four components are used for?
1. The four huge legs. One end of the four pillars is fixed to a precise location on the ground, while the other end is connected by a horizontal axis. Their firmness is the key to the safety of the ride. The height determines the length of the cantilever and the excitement of the pendulum ride.

2. The axle. The above end of the cantilever is connected to the axle and this device is the key for the pendulum ride to swing.

3. The swing arm. The main shaft is driven by the motor to do a single pendulum motion. The main drive of the pendulum adopts the drive mode of the motor driving the rotary support, so that the motor can track the swing of the pendulum flexibly and realize the non-uniform rotation. Using the cylinder to achieve a large swing. The arc of oscillation of different kinds of pendulum rides are very different, some pendulum rides can be used for sightseeing and have a smaller swing, some can swing a full 360 degrees. Meanwhile, the height it can reach varies depends on the size of the pendulum ride.

4. The gondola. Customers sit facing out in the gondola at the other end of the cantilever. In order to ensure safety, the pendulum ride usually use the shoulder safety harness as the safety restraint and the safety belt as the secondary insurance. When the rides starts, the gondola begins to rotate around the axis of the arm by itself and arm begins to swing gently and slowly and then accelerates gradually, getting faster and faster until the gondola goes over the top. The speed of the pendulum ride at the bottom of the swing can reach up 75km/h and the ride can swing up by an arc of 120 degree to 360 degree. As the arc of the swing continues to increase and the gondola rise up and fall down rapidly as it swing, guests will have a real fall effect, feel a strong sense of centrifugal force and even a sense of weightlessness. But with loud screams, what’s more important is that they can feel a sense of release.

Buy Beston Pendulum Ride for Sale in Beston
Beston Pendulum Ride for Sale

Major Parameter:

Model: BPR-028
Size: 10*12 m
Capacity:24 persons
Power: 19Kw
Swing Angles: ±120°
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Spinning pendulum ride with good quality and cheap price
Spinning Pendulum Ride for Sale in Beston

Major Parameter:

Model: BPR-029
Capacity:24 persons
Power: 15kw
Voltage: 380V
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What is a pendulum ride?

Pendulum ride is a type of mechanical carnival amusement ride which is designed according to the operating principle of pendulum. The basic pendulum ride is doing the single pendulum motion by gravity. The gondolas with passengers seated on the outside are usually installed at the bottom of the swing and swing freely with the arm. When the swing moves from its resting position, it will gradually accelerate swing affected by gravity, and when it reaches a certain height, it will return to the equilibrium position. So some rides are usually fitted with a heavy counterweight which can save energy, provide balance and stability of the mechanical system. When the gondola swings through an inversion, the device need the counterweight to keep balance.

Some models, in addition to the pendulum motion, their gondolas can rotate around freely by itself, even more exciting flip. The operation of pendulum ride requires not only gravity but also centripetal force. The centripetal force acts on the main axle to make the arm swing back and forth, acts on the gondola to make it rotate around freely. When the gondola reached the top of the swing, the force of gravity increases the tension force of the center of the circle which make passengers feel the sense of weightlessness, if the ride is a pendulum ride that can make complete 360 degree loops, riders will experience a feeling of complete weightlessness. That’s why some passengers feel uncomfortable and sick. But don’t worry, you will be fine when you get off the ride.

Build an Pendulum Rides Amusement Parks
Beston Pendulum Rides Amusement Parks

Major Parameter:

Model: BPR-030
Capacity:46 persons
Max Speed: 21m/s
Ride height: 20m
Swing angle: ±120°

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Hot Sale Pendulum Carnival Ride for Sale in Beston
Beston Pendulum Carnival Ride for Sale


Major Parameter:

Model: BPR-031
Capacity:24 persons
Voltage:380 V
Swinging Angle: ±45°-60°
Power: 19 KW
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Pendulum Ride Manufacturers

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