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Pendulum ride 360 degree, generally considered to be the most exciting type of pendulum ride, becomes one of the most popular thrill rides for amusement parks and carnivals. However, the 360-degree pendulum ride is so exciting that many people want to try, but they can only watch others play from a distance. The biggest feature of this kind of pendulum ride is that the swing can make a 360-degree circle as the gondola rotates freely, even when the gondola reaches the highest point, the passengers will stay at the highest point for one or two seconds which will give the feeling of flying in the sky. Like any other pendulum ride, it starts very slowly, then as it accelerates, the amplitude of the oscillation begins to increase. The difference between the 360-degree pendulum ride and other pendulum ride is that the swing moves probably much faster so that it can rotate to 360 degrees. The arm swings from one side of the pendulum ride to the highest point, then swings down from the other side. The passengers will turn completely upside down at the top of the pendulum ride 360 degrees. Such exciting projects are becoming more and more challenging and will attract more and more riders to challenge themselves on it.

Buy Pendulum Ride 360-Degree in Beston
Pendulum Ride 360-Degree in Beston

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How Does Pendulum ride 360 degree work?

Pendulum ride 360-degree is large thrill amusement ride which combines rotation and swing, consists of main support, hanging service, pendulum and electric system. The theme structure of the pendulum ride is truss structure, the shell is made of glass steel, one end of the pendulum swing is fitted with a gondola protected by a safety lever and seat belt which can passengers double protection and make them feel confident and safe while riding on the thrill ride. The motion principle of the pendulum ride is triggered by the pendulum, and its trajectory is also in the form of a pendulum. Passengers can experience both swing and rotation whiling sitting on the pendulum ride that can give riders a strong sense of centrifugal force and weightlessness.

360-degree Pendulum Ride with Good Quality for Sale in Beston
Beston 360-degree Pendulum Ride with Good Quality

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360-degree Pendulum Ride Speed

Although the speed of the pendulum ride is slow when it starts running, but as its power grows, the speed becomes faster and faster, the maximum speed can reach 110km/h. The swing of the pendulum ride is partly due to the factor of inertia, so the bigger the amplitude of the oscillation is, the higher the speed is. The pendulum ride 360 degree can take passengers to the highest point in an instant, the maximum height reached is determined by the length of the pendulum arm. If you are brave enough, enjoy the scenery around and you will see a different view from high in the air. However, most passengers may close their eyes and be frightened into shouting. Even so, the experience will be worth remembering for a long time for many passengers.

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High Quality 360-degree Frisbee Ride in Beston

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The Services Beston Can Provide To Customers:

1. Make an amusement park plan for customers. Professional designers in Beston Group can design special amusement park construction plans for customers according to the size of your chosen venue, your budget and the rides you want. All types of amusement equipment, such as, thrill rides, tourist rides, track rides, kiddie rides, spinning rides should be installed in your playground which can attract tourists who like different rides.

2. Pre-sale services. Please feel free to contact us, provide us with the detailed product information, specification of the amusement rides you want and we can send you the pictures, product parameter, more details and the best price to you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly what rides you want, you just need to tell us what you are doing with it, the size of the site, your needs and budget, we will recommend the most suitable amusement rides to you in accordance with your requirements.

3. Installation of 360-degree pendulum ride. Customers can install the rides themselves according to the install video, 2D or 3D installation drawings provides by us if they are simple amusement rides. If the rides are complicated, we can dispatch our professional installation engineers to the clients’ countries, but customers need to afford relevant fees.

4. After-sale services. Along with the rides sent to you, there are also product use notes and simple maintenance manuals. Customers can consult us if they have any questions about our 360 degree pendulum ride, we will help you find and solve the problems. In the warranty period, we can provide you with free repair service and spare parts.

Thrill 360-degree Pendulum Ride-with-16-Seats with High Quality and Cheap Price for Sale in Beston
Thrill 360-degree Pendulum Ride-with-16-Seats for Sale in Beston

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Want to Buy a 360-degree Pendulum Ride?

If you are picking up the pendulum ride 360 degree in a variety of ways, and see our product. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more. Beston, a top manufacturer of amusement rides, has engaged in research and production of amusement equipment for more than 20 years will be your ideal choice in types, qualities and prices.

1.Types of pendulum rides. Al kinds of pendulum rides, such as 120 degree pendulum, giant pendulum ride, mini pendulum ride, pendulum ride 360 degree can meet your various requirements. If you don’t find the model you want here, we can also accept your customization according to the drawings you provide us.

2.Qualities. The main materials of the pendulum ride are fiberglass and steel pipes, we use the high quality fibreglass reinforced plastic and stainless steel which can increase its service life. All our products have passed strict quality inspection that can make sure the tightness of the screws is up to standard.

3.Reasonable price. As a manufacturer of direct sales, Beston can help you save on the fees earned by the middlemen. Meanwhile, compared to the same type of the pendulum ride 360 degree in the same industry, the price of amusement equipment in Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd is definitely competitive. Less investment usually means more revenue, send us email for the reasonable price now.

If you are interested in our amusement rides and want to know more details, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as we can.