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    High Quality Pendulum Amusement Ride for Sale in Beston

Pendulum ride is a kind of amusement ride designed according to the operating principle of pendulum which can also be called frisbee ride, spinning pendulum ride, pendulum swig ride, Frisbee carnival ride for sale. The pendulum ride types currently on the market include giant pendulum ride, mini frisbee ride for sale, 360 degree pendulum ride for sale. In addition, the operational principle of these two amusement rides, pirate ship ride and Kamikaze ride are similar to the Frisbee ride, so we usually divide them into one group. As thrill rides, they are loved by many tourists, especially those young people who like playing with the exciting amusement rides. This type of ride can be said to be a must in amusement parks, carnivals, shopping malls, fairground, as well as a must-play item for tourists. Various kinds of Frisbee amusement rides in Beston can meet your your needs in sizes, shapes, colors. Or you can also provide us with sketches and parameter to customize your own rides.

Beston Large Pendulum Amusement Ride for Sale with good quality
Large Pendulum Amusement Ride for Sale in Beston

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Beston Pirate Ship Carnival Ride

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The giant pendulum are fairly to the thrill seeker’s tastes. The frisbee rides can be classified into top-driven and bottom-driven. Driven by the electric motor, the  pendulum amusement ride can risen to the top and then fall down according to the gravity, just like the pirate ship. At the same time, the riders in the pendulum can rotates along with the cabins. Passengers will feel they are flying into the sky in the top and falling down on the ground in the bottom. What a thrilling feeling it s! And the small spinning pendulum ride is mainly for kids to have fun, winning many children’s attention in the parks. Beston manufactures this pendulum amusement park ride with top quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) makes it have a long service life. Because of innovative design, attractive appearance, high quality, thrilling experience, etc., it can bring in much more benefits for the investors.

Frisbee Amusement Park Ride for Sale in Beston
Frisbee Amusement Park Ride in Beston

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Beston Kamikaze Amusement Park Rides

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Design And Description of different Pendulum rides

Although the physics of pendulum rides are similar, there are also many different of each type in designs. The giant pendulum ride with large gondolas and high attitude will take passengers to the high air and let you feel free to fly in the air. Its biggest characteristic is that it flies very high, so the younger children, acrophobic people and older people are not suitable for the ride. But those who love challenge will surely love it.

The mini pendulum ride is specially designed for young children, for that it usually swings at a lower speed, smaller amplitude and a lower height. Children can enjoy themselves in the rotating gondola, while the arm swings back and forth. Parents can also rest assurede that their children’s safety is guaranteed under the protection of double seat belts.

The 360 degree pendulum ride is the most exciting one with the 360 degrees rotation. For this device, when the gondola reaches the highest point, the passengers were completely upside down. Meanwhile, in order for the swing arms to be able to rotate 360 degrees, it swings at a much higher speed. Passengers will feel a greater sense of weightlessness. Because it’s very exciting, it’s more attractive to tourists.

Pirate ship ride with a ship-shaped gondola and two swing arms different from the pendulum ride is very suitable for the whole family of all ages to play together and will leave them a different memory. The cabin of the swinging boat ride can only swing with its swing arms but can’t rotate by itself. Some sea dragon rides can make a complete circle in the air which will make the riders scream loudly. The beautiful and unique shape of the pirate ship rides usually attracts many people’s attention and will be a beautiful scene in the amusement parks.

Kamikeze ride with a scissor shape looks like two hammers crossed together is also a ride that does 360-degree rotation. Its mainly features are that it has two swing arms and a cockpit at one end of each arm. There are metal fences around the perimeter and the roof of other pendulum amusement rides, its sides and roof are protected by metal railings. From this we can see that the skymaster ride is really very stimulating.

Pendulum Amusement Ride for Sale in Beston

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Pendulum Ride Speed

All the pendulum rides are the same that they start at a lower speed, then the velocity rises slowly and the amplitude of the oscillation increases until they reach the highest point they can reach, then the speed gradually slows down and the swings decrease until it stops. This is their general trajectory and pattern of operation. However, the speed and height they can reach, the degrees they can swing are different for different types. So you should take thes factors into account when choosing and if you have any question, you can send us email or call us for more details.

Pendulum Ride Safety

Safety is the problem that customers consider when choosing products, the passengers consider when they ride these amusement rides, and it is also the issuse that we put in the first place when we manufacture the rides. All the amusement rides in Beston are of high quality, security is guaranteed and trustworthy.

What Causes the Feeling of Weightlessness in Pendulum Rides?

Riders often experience the sense of weightlessness as they reach the top point of the pendulum rides, especially when the ride makes a complete 360-degree circle, the passengers’ feeling of weightlessness will be much stronger. Passengers can’t fell forces of gravity when they sit in the gondola of pendulum ride, but they can feel the force of the seat pushing on their bodies. When passengers reach the top of the ride, they begin to fall out of their seats, the seat is no longer pushing on them. So the riders usually have a sense of weightlessness when they are in the pendulum thrill ride.

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3.Customizable in sizes, colors and shapes,
4.Good pre-sales and after-sales service.